Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory (AIGT)

The First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory will take place in summer 2020. Papers will be reviewed by experts in AI and game theory and published in archival format. AIGT is a small conference and will take place virtually using Zoom.

Artificial intelligence concerns creating agents for solving large-scale real-world problems. Typically these problems are very challenging from a theoretical complexity perspective (e.g., NP-complete). The best approaches often involve a combination of theoretically-justified algorithms and heuristics, as well a combination of general domain-independent approaches and approaches that utilize domain-specific expertise. Game theory is the study of strategic interactions. In order to create strong agents for complex multiagent environments, new AI approaches are needed. There have been many significant advances at the intersection of AI and game theory in recent years, but the field does not have its own conference and often papers are published in just one or two subtracks of a conference that has a different focus. Until now.

Organizer: Sam Ganzfried

Submission deadline: 7/3/2020

Submission site: Easychair
Conference date: 8/8/2020
Submission format: AAAI 2020
Page limit: 7 pages not including references